Requesting a new action: "Show confirmation modal"

:space_invader: The problem:

Show new screen → Overlay gives us a nice option to create a custom modal screen. The problem is that if we want a confirmation modal (eg. “delete item”) on a screen that’s already opened in an overlay, our custom modal screen replaces the overlay screen which can:

  1. cause confusion as to the context of the “modal”
  2. cause UX issues because closing the “modal” also closes the original overlay screen.

:crossed_fingers: My request:
A new action: “Show confirmation modal” that allows us to customize a simple modal display. A perfect example of this is when you delete a file from a file picker component.

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is it not easier to make your own window… exactly the way you want? Use HTML and rich text… unless they will give us a fixed (floating) container… that you can decide the size and position…

Not easier, no. HTML modals might give me the effect I want, but creating my own modal with HTML every time I want to offer a confirmation modal would take 5x as long.

no… i have ready ones… just make one time… then copy and paste…

but I would really like the custom fixed container… that would solve so many problems…

How does an HTML modal give us the ability to have custom action buttons? It’s definitely more than just “create once copy paste”. Happy to be proved wrong though— create a loom for us.

I posted my popup sample somewhere. Let me find it.

I have all the control over the placement and design… which I like…

@Robert_Petitto type the text and click delete button, to see the popup.

I don’t think that’s the right app. That one just appears to be a details screen.

no… what are you talking about?

I just added a slide-in version… copy and paste…


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Are the Yes No buttons just a styled button block? If not, how do your html buttons actually clear values? Can it do more complicated tasks like delete an entire record or delete multiple records over a relation?

No… it is a rich text component… you can add any action or custom action to it, like in regular buttons.

And the most important thing… this window doesn’t have a go back or close button like all other native Glide windows have… so you are in total control!

And I assume that container has a visibility condition set on it based on the previous “delete” button press?

Makes sense… but I’d really like Glide to have a native component to do this. I don’t like using set-columns to display/hide elements anymore if I can help it.

Yes… If they can make a native one, why not? It is suitable for some fast and cheap applications… for professional use… Glide native components are tough to control… that’s why I always make my own :wink:
and always convincing my customers to use Classic Apps… much better

How do you put two buttons side by side in rich text like that… I see there’s 3 rich text so I get the idea… give us a hint

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The window size when you delete a file from the file picker could be nice for a confirmation popup. It even subtly greys out the background. Seems like a lot of the framework is already there. Voted

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Oh, @Eric_Penn LOL…
is that hard for you ??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is why I want it :wink:


This is very simple, basic HTML… set position:fixed, then calculate top and left…
BTW… a nice App!

@Eric_Penn did you split the container in 2:1, and now you have 1/3 page waisted? :wink:

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Full Screen… but it’'ll cost ya

div[class*="section-container"] >div {
max-width: 100vw;

div[class*="container-padding-md"]  {
max-width: 100vw;

so… how did you make the box fixed? oh, you have a business plan and using this limited CSS?