Modal/Pop Up confirmation screen in Apps

I see lots of dialog/conversations about Pop Up/Confirm screens in Apps.

Is their a ‘standard’ methodology to do this?

I want a ‘popup/overlay’ to confirm that a user wants to send a note the team or a single team member.

It is brought up via the action editor.


I’m Glide Pages —> set the view to be “Slide in” or “Overlay” but aside from that, it’s not posisble unless you use CSS in Glide Pages (which WILL break) later this year.

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check out Code BOOK … look for an Animated Modal Window

Hey Robert, will more info be available on the changes coming to CSS in pages?
Particularly the when and what will break.

It’s available if you have a Business or Enterprise plan.


Correct. CSS in Glide Pages Apps won’t break since Glide officially supports it in Business Tier and above.


Thanks, guys.

I typically use a slide in screen for confirmations.


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