Delete button with confirmation Create popup possible?

If I add a delete button, the row is deleted immediately. Can I create a screen to receive a confirmation before deleting, preferably in the form of a popup, is that possible?

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Yes, first use the action to set column value to be true on your delete button to bring up the modal box screen and confirmation button. Set the visibility conditions to hide/unhide the delete button, modal box, and confirm button.

The second is to give an action to the two yes/no confirmation buttons to delete the row or cancel with the action set column value to false.

You need CSS to form the modal box screen, it can be found in the link below:

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Thank you for your message. unfortunately I don’t get it, I’m not a pro. I’m working on glide pages, I don’t get a modal box, if I set an action to “Set Value”, you can give me an explanation, thank you.

In order not to stress out for me it worked well as follows …

my app is in spanish

1.- the user clicks on “ELIMINAR DEL CARRITO”

2.- then select whether to delete or cancel the operation

I hope and this idea helps you


I don’t believe CSS works for Glide Pages as of now, so what you can do is:

  • Show a button that says something like “Delete this entry”, the action will be “Show new screen” > “This item”, with the screen name being “Delete entry”.

  • Show a text to tell people something like “Are you sure you want to delete this? This action can not be undone”.

  • Below that, show a button bar, the left being a “Cancel” one with a “Go back” action. The right being a “Delete” one with the actual “Delete row” action, plus two “Go back” actions to get back to the main view.


Need a category or subcategory in the chat that distinguishes the platform used: apps or pages.


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