Form confirmation screen

Hello Glide Community!
I am struggling a bit on something that seems easy and couldn’t find my answer on the forum.

What I would like the app to do
I have a form (= customer places an order) and would like a “confirmation screen” after the form (= are you sure you want to validate this order?).
If the user clicks on Yes, I set a column as “Validated”
If the user clicks on No, I set this column as “Canceled”.

What I have currently
After the user fills in the form, I send him to a confirmation page of his order with 2 buttons.
Each button has a Set Column action where I edit the status column (confirmed / canceled depending on the button). But it doesn’t change the value in that column when I click on the button.

On the other hand, if I go to the same screen “manually”, I click on the same button and it works.
Any idea why?

Custom action

Confirmation page (after form submission)

Confirmation custom action

Thanks a ton, I spent 2 hours on this issue :slight_smile:

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Are you using the native form, or did you build your own custom form?

I would do the latter, store the input values in user specific columns, and then only create the new row after the user had confirmed.

This would do away with the need for the status column.

Thanks for the quick answer @Darren_Murphy !
I am using the native form indeed. I haven’t worked with user specific columns but will give it a try and let you know if that works!

This might be useful. It doesn’t do exactly what you are looking for, but it does demonstrate how to create custom forms together with user specific columns.

You just made my day Darren! I feel like a superhuman now
Your app is crystal clear

Feels a bit like a workaround (like a few things with Glide) but works perfectly, I love it

Have an amazing day