Button with set columns custom action does not update table

Adding buttons to a form and I’m creating a custom action.
The action is: include information in a column, send a notification and return to the previous screen. As if updating a data/field. however this column, called status, is changed in the action to completed. It’s a text column. But the custom action does not work and the information is not included in the column.

I also tested the action of including information directly in the action, without being customized, but it also does not update the column in the table. it is as if the information update is not running.

I’ve also tested it with a status column (boolean) but it doesn’t change the status either.

Has anyone gone through this?
Any workaround ideas?

Thank you and I can’t wait.

Customize action:

What type of form is this? (ie. Add Form, Edit Form, Custom Form?)

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If a button changes a column value directly like this, I tend to not include it in an add or edit screen. I think for screens that only “commit” data updates after you click submit, there should not be buttons that change a value directly on the screen.

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Edit screen

I’ll change the screen to show details and update through that.
Today is in an editing screen


That was exactly it. Only on the details screen it works. Not in the edit screen.

Thanks @ThinhDinh and @Darren_Murphy

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Thanks for sharing the experience!

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