Reconfirm before clicking submit button

I wanna make sure that the users want to submit the form
so when they click submit button
it will be appeared the Yes/No question
something like “Are you sure to submit the form?”
may i can do it???

To do this, you would need to use a Custom Form.


As @Darren_Murphy suggested, use a custom form.

I’ve not done that with an on submit, but I’ve implemented it with delete.

I set up three buttons:

Then, set up a User Specific Column (USC) to hold the value that the user clicked “Submit”.


In my case, I want to know if they have clicked “Delete”. I set the visibility of the three buttons based on the value of the USC.
For the Delete Button:

The the “cancel” and “Confirm Delete” buttons

For the action when they click “cancel”, I only need to clear the “confirm delete” USC

Of course if they “confirm delete”, I delete the record.

Because I’ve been doing computers for 30 years, I’ve learned to never actually “delete” anything without first making a copy somewhere else. So I add the row to a “history” table so it can be “undeleted” by an admin if necessary.

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i will try this and let you know the result on tomorrow,
thank you <3

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Hi David,

Can you put a video on this,how this works?

It looks good.

Or send a link of the app to see the look n feel.

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Yes, here’s what it looks like when being used…

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sorry friend
i can’t solve my problem…
can you show me more detail
what i wanna do, is like this image.

As I mentioned in my original reply, in order to do that you must use a Custom From.
That link I gave you contains a sample App that you can copy and study to learn how a custom form works.

It doesn’t give you the full solution, but it gets you half way there.

The first thing to do is create your custom form. Once you have that, you can use a similar method to the one that @David_Gabler described to add an extra confirmation step.


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