Action "GO BACK" does not work


I’m Brazilian and I’m using google translator, sorry.

I have a time scheduling app working perfectly, but unfortunately yesterday some actions didn’t work. So I decided to create a new one to see if the system was buggy.

First I created a “Welcome (Bem Vindo)” tab and in that tab I added 2 buttons.

“Login (Fazer Login)” and “Register (Cadastre-se)”

I also hid the tabs using CSS code.


<pre><span><style> [data-test="glide-app-bar"]{display: none}

I added the action “Go to tab > Register (Cadastre-se)” in the “Register (Cadastre-se)” button. And when you click it works normally.

In the “Register (Cadastre-se)” tab I added a “Floating Button” with the intuition to go back. But unfortunately this action is not working.

Can someone help me?

I guess I would do this different. I wouldn’t use CSS to hide tabs. Instead I would have a Register tab with the two buttons. The button to Register would use the action “Show New Screen → This Item” to give you a new screen in the same tab where the user can register. The Login button would use the normal “Sign In” action.

Then change the visibility settings on your tabs. The Register tab would be set up to display if the user profile email is empty. All other tabs would be set up to show if the user profile email is not empty.

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I understand perfectly, but the case is that I already have an app made.

The “Go Back” action simply stopped working.

I created this new registration tab because there are existing user relation and permissions.

It’s hard to say for sure. Glide has been changing the underlying code lately.

If I were to guess, I would say that the Go Back action shouldn’t work when navigating to another tab, and instead you should be using the Go To Tab action, but I’ve never used it in that way, so I don’t know if that’s normal, or how it may have worked in the past.