Go back action doesn't work in browser

This is really important to me because my users cant work in the browser with this bug

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
Go back action doesn’t work in browser only when needs to switch tabs (works in editor and in mobile)

Expected behavior:
“Go back” should work the same on all devices and move screens between tabs

How to replicate:
Create 2 tabs - > create action to go from 1 tab to the other - > create action to go back/
In Glide editor - Works
On iPhone - Works
In Browser full screen - Doesn’t work

Link to demo recording:

Could you please take a look?
Is this a known issue?
I would really love this to be fixed .

Weird. Ya that’s def a bug. @SantiagoPerez ?

Thanks for flagging @Lin_Altshuler @Robert_Petitto

Taking a look!

I was able to repro. Alerting the engineering team.

Thanks for your patience!


Hi @SantiagoPerez
Any news on this?

Is this in the to do list to be fixed?
Please let me know if there is an estimated time?
I understand this has to do with the infrastructure of App’s tabs and screen as appose to Pages but I have active users using this app…
I need to make a decision about this product in the near future . :pray:
@SantiagoPerez @iamtomgray