Link screen to existing tab with a button

Hello, I would like to Link a screen to an existing tab with a button without recreating the tab. Is this possible? Currently it leads to a new ‘blank’ screen?

If I’m not mistaken you can set your button action to “Go to” and choose the tab.

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Yes, this is the way. The action is “Go to Tab”.

Thank you very much for your responses. I have now used the ‘Go to Tab’ action and it worked! Yay!!

I’m now trying to use the Go back action to return to the previous screen but it doesn’t give the option ‘Tab’ under the ‘configuration’ section of ‘Action’. Please can you suggest a way to make it return to the previous screen? Many thanks in advance.

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Whether in an Apps or Pages project, the action is indeed called “Go to tab”.

To go back a page/screen, as the name suggests, the “Go back” action brings your visitor to the previous screen, no need for an additional setting. Are you seeing something different?

Haha, thank you for confirming!.. I have done this before but I’m still very much a beginner at Glide so I was very tentative :smiley:

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Heya again. No no, you don’t have to choose a tab name again to go back - it’s literally “Go back” as the action choice for the button.

You don’t have to name which tab is ‘back’. The app will automatically set the ‘back’ reference to the previous tab, whatever it was. Does that help?

Thank you so much everyone. When I click on the ‘Go back’ button, it doesn’t return to the previous screen and instead, it stays on the same screen… Would it only go back when i use it on my actual phone?

Are you at the top level of the current screen?

Just to be clear, “Go back” will navigate the user back to the last screen of the current tab, not the last tab the user was on.

Thanks ThinhDinh, I didn’t realise a tab could have several screens… I have created a screen for each tab… I’m not sure how to edit this…

Many thanks everyone! I have figured it all out now. Phew! Thankful for this community!

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