"Back" doesn't go anywhere

I have a series of tabs that include a button to ‘Go back’ using the “Go Back” action. The challenge is that it doesn’t go anywhere. I’m working in the Glide Builder and it doesn’t go back. Nothing happens when you click on the button.

Is there something in this functionality that needs to be defined for it to work?

Go Back should go up a level in your navigation chain. How did you get to the screen that has the button, and where are you trying going to?

You mention Tabs, which are really top level screens, so I’m not sure where you would navigate back to if you are already at a top level.

I’m likely using the wrong word when I say ‘tabs’

The scenarios is shown here, in which nothing happens when using the ‘back button’

Scenario: Earn a badge and see a one-time badge award screen. In this scenario, the screen that contains the ‘back’ button is located on the ‘Snuggles Badge earned screen’

The screen itself looks like this

Is this action too complicated for use of the ‘back’ button on the award screen?

I do see a couple of your actions (including snuggles badge earned) that use the Go To Tab action, so they are in fact set up as Tabs, and likewise, if you wanted you could add them to the bottom navigation tab row. Like I said, Tabs are top level screens, so there is nothing above them to navigate to. Go Back navigates UP through the hierarchy. It does not navigate LEFT in the sense that a browser back button does.

While you do have the ability to create tabs, hide them from the navigation bar or side menu, and still be able to navigate to them…I typically don’t do that. If I’m creating a tab, it’s going to be part of the my navigation tab row at the top or bottom of the screen, or part of the side menu. If I want a screen that not a tab, and is not part of the navigation, then I will use a Show Detail Screen action (if you want a screen that is forever attached to the table) or a Show New Screen action (if you need a new screen design independent of the source table). Either one will navigate down in a hiararical fashion, so then you will have the ability to Go Back up to the previous screen that opened that new screen.

By using Go To Tab, you are keeping yourself at a top level screen so there is nothing to go back to above that top level.


A few of my apps can get you down in the weeds by clicking through multiple lists so I like to add this at the bottom LOL

But I also like to add a back button at the bottom of a screen so one doesn’t have to scroll all the way back up to reverse their journey


Thank you Jeff. You have solved several problems (some of which I didn’t know I had).

This makes the experience stronger.
Thank you.

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