"Go Back" is not working on Live Desktop App

“Go Back” in my App is working in Editor and on Mobile but it is not working in Desktop . Can you please help?
App URL: https://dsc.corprodoc.com/

When running the app it appears that you are going into a direct edit mode for the Profile. What is the Button action set to? Please email support at support@glideapps.com and please send us a Support link so we can take a look at your app. We won’t be able to change anything in your live app, as we will only have temporary access in a sandboxed environment. Check out the GIF on how to get the code. (see GIF for how to find it.)


Thanks I shall share you

You can find below the link.


Please send an email to support@glideapps.com so the issue can be entered into our support system. Posting a support link here is not a good idea even though only Glide support personal can access the app using that link.

Make sure to include details as to what you mean by the “Go Back” is not working. I don’t know what you mean by “Go Back”.

One other thing to note, your app opens to a Profile Details page if any of the profile info is blank, but that page is not filtered by the signed in user. Fixing that may resolve your other issues.



Thanks, I will share email on this.

I will also look into your suggestion


Has there been any movement with this issue? I have a form built and, on submit, the action is to “Go Back” - which works in the editor, and live in the app, but not in the live desktop / tablet view. The form submits then sits on the form launch screen.