Going back to app view, after open web view


on Android,
after ‘open web view’, when I press the ‘go back’ button on the smartphone (instead of Glide’s own ‘cross’ icon that closes the web view) it does not go back to the Glide app, but to the website that was visited before opening the Glide app.

Is there a way to fix this?

Sounds like you’re running the Glide app in a mobile browser.
I believe if you ‘Add to Homescreen’ and run from there, you won’t see this behaviour.

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Thanks for the reply. But… I get the same problem that way.

Do you have a video of that in action?

In it , I do two things:
First I click on the cross icon to close the web view,
Second, I use the ‘go back’ button of the smartphone

That video shows the app running in a browser tab, and the behaviour you observe is normal and expected.
You mentioned that you see the same behaviour when running the app in standalone mode (ie. when it’s launched via a home screen icon). Can you provide a video showing that?

For example on Gmail app, when you open a link and hit the ‘go back’ button,
it doesn’t mean ‘end Gmail app’.
It means ‘go back to the page where I hit the link (in this case, the e-mail)’.
That is the behavior I was expecting.

It’s a bit difficult to see what’s going on in your video, and I don’t have an Android device to test with. But I have tested with my iPhone and it works as would be expected. So I’m guessing this is behaviour specific to Android devices. Sorry I can’t be more help, perhaps someone more familiar with Android behaviour can chip in.