List choice closing apps

When I am in a list choice and I use the back arrow on. Android, it closes the app. But I just want to come back to the form.

Can you please link me to your app and give reproduction steps? I am unable to reproduce the issue with Android here. When I press the back arrow it simply goes to the previous screen.

Sure and thank for your fast answer and amazing job with Glide.

So the link is

The step are :
1 : Tab of list of questions
2 : Detail of a question
3 Vote button
4 : click on choice
5 : click on Android return button
6 : App closes

I am using a galaxy S8 my Android is updated as well as Chrome.

I tried the app in my phone’s browser and as an installed app on the homescreen. I’ve noticed the same result where the back button doesn’t actually go back. Pressing the back button twice closes the app. I see this quite often on the share screen too. I’m guessing it’s the nature of a web application. If a form as well as the share screen are actually overlays on top of the screen that opened it, then it’s possible that the back button acts as if it has nowhere to go. Maybe pressing the back button twice is a way to signal chrome to actually close the app. Here is some info I found on the web.