Enlarged images on main app page : back button triggers the unexpected closure of the app.

My app’s URL: https://toujoursdebout06.smapp.io

If we have an image component on the main page of an app, associated to the “enlarge image” action when the user clicks on the image, the image will enlarge correctly but if the user want to go back to the main page, there’s 2 ways :

  • click on the cross at the top left of the enlarged image view
  • press the back key of his phone

The back key press option is the preferred and let’s say, implicit way to exit the enlarges image panel. That’s what the major part of users do to go back to the main screen, it’s intuitive and it’s the role of this back key, we always press this key in any app or browser to go one step back.

Unfortunately, if you do that, the app exits…

This is a bug - I think it can be catched to avoid the app closure and to return to the main screen, and it has a strong and negative impact on the user experience using our apps.

Is there any plan to fix this issue @Mark ?

To reproduce the bug, click on this image in my app to enlarge it, then press the back key of your phone :

Only an Android issue, right ?
Can’t see it on iOS. There is no Back

Right, I noticed this issue with android. I have no ios device.