Safari back button doesn't work as expected

If you follow the link to the app ( from some other site in Safari browser, so glide app opens in the new tab in Safari (in it’s web view), then navigate inside this app (for example, view details action, then open some layout made with another sheet, then navigate to other tab in glide app, etc) and then you press “back” button in browser (not inside Glide), you will find yourself not in a previous Glide layout (as it is expected), but on the site you came from (with link to glide app).

Everything works fine on android though.

Hello @Olha_Tovstenko!

Where is this web view exactly in the app? Can you explain in which screen it is so we can test it?


Sure! By web view I mean that person doesn’t add app to the home screen but continue to use the app in Safari.

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Got it!

Well, I have iPhone 7, iOS 14.3, Safari and it’s working fine. “Back” button working normally for me. I could enter in those screens you showed in the video and also went back


Did you use Safari back button (circled in red in the screenshot)?
We just cheked with iPhone 7, iOS 14.2, and it still didn’t work.

If you click there, it will go back to the previous tab on Safari and not inside your app…

To go back inside your app, you gotta press the “Back” button in the left top corner


Yep! That’s what I meant!

Well, both buttons at the bottom and at the corner (Back button inside-app) are working for me

But you just said

It’s not expected behaviour for this kind of buttons, cause user don’t understand that he/she is inside pwa but not regular website. And as I said on Android both buttons inside app (top left corner) and button at the bottom works exactly the same.

The behavior is expected because the user is already on Safari. And those buttons are from Safari, not from your app.

That’s one more reason that the pwa popup shows up, and we still have to teach how to do install them in the Home Screen, once it’s a ‘new’ tech majorly still it’s not used to it.


But still It would greatly improve the UX if we could set the OS back button to the same value as the inner website navigation. There is already an API ( pushState() , replaceState() on history object) to add PWA views or states to the browser history.

@Lucas_Pires, I gues now It seams more as an feature request but not as an issue, am I right?

I’m not sure if I really understood it, but for me, the UX for both are ok. You mean glide could change the “Back button” UX to something similar to iOS bottom ‘Previous/Next’ buttons?

If you meant it, would users get still more confused if they only open the app on safari as you tested?

I think @Olha_Tovstenko would like to see the safari page buttons control the glide app.

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Not exactly, I mean, change Safari buttons behaviour to be the same as in Glide app. In glide app it works just fine.

Yes. I meant as you describe it.

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Oh, sorry for that in this case!

This would be a feature request to Apple then? lol

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I guess, you can do it using history api from your app, of course. Maybe that’s not possible using pwa, that’s what I’m wondering about.