Navigation problem

Hi, Gliders,

Need to ask about this to determine if it is user error before reporting it as a bug. I’m working in Glide Apps.

Problem 1:
I have created some independent detail layout tabs for specific purposes. These tabs are found by clicking buttons with actions to go to the specific tab. However, once on that special tab, the navigation icons on the bottom for the primary pages disappear. Why does this happen? Can it be fixed?

Problem 2:
On those special tabs, I have additional buttons to go to or return to specific tabs. Some work, some don’t. Specifically, I have a Home Tab and the buttons that I have directed back to the home tab simply don’t work. I have already checked if I can direct the non-working buttons to different pages and they start working. I also redirected the working buttons back to the home page and then they stop working. Any idea why I set a button to “Go To Tab” and some work and some won’t?

Thanks for your input.

Where are these tabs located?

I’m guessing that you have them in the Menu, as opposed to the main Tabs section?

I was wondering if that might be an issue. In the beginning, they were menu tabs as to not crowd my bottom of the screen icons. But as I was experimenting, I moved them around but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Of course, by then, I was frustrated and not sure of all of the variations I was trying.

Are you saying that placing a page under Menu rather than Tab will make a difference? What about if they are visible or not? Again, I don’t want as many tab icons on the bottom of the screen as the total number of pages I want in the app. I prefer to go to a page through an action button using a “Go to tab” action.

It does make a difference in terms of navigation.
When you navigate to any menu tab, it basically opens as a new screen on top of your current tab.
If you then use a Go To Tab action to try and get back to where you were, nothing will happen - because you are already on that tab. In this case, what you need to use instead is a Go Back action.


Ugh! I totally get what you are saying, but not happy about it. Any other design suggestions for too many screens for the Tab icons/navigation?

Compound Action to the rescue!!! I think I accomplished what I want by building a new action:

  • Step 1 - “Go back” to close the unique details screen and return to that tab.
  • Step 2 - “Go to tab” back to the Home screen.
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