Navigation to different tabs withing the app

My app’s URL:

I have 3 tabs in app home , men & women.
Have given buttons to navigate from home table to men & women tabs …but when I slick the button it is not going to mrn ot women tab …instead it is just displaying the data in those tabs…is there a way to navigate to men or women tab from home screen keeping all customization done in those tabs

Same issue here:

Methinks you should be using different sheets for each tab. I suspect you’ve got one sheet and are sorting Men / Women on each Tab. I suspect you need a new sheet and pull across selective data.

@JackVaughan just posted this video recently and it’s probably worth a good watch given how well it walks through some unofficial best practices and useful options in setting your app up.

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This didn’t provide the solution j am looking for…is it possible to navigate various tabs from home tab?


This what you mean? If so, link to screen action is your friend. :slight_smile:

If not - please describe a little more what you’re trying to do.

From my app home screen i clicked on the “search for men” button as shown below …it took to men screen which has some customized components as shown below

When it clicked the men tab it will show some other component as shown below



My requirements is that when user clicks " search for men " button then the "Men " tab must be highlighted & should get the below screen