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Hi, I have a problem navigating from one screen to another in my app; this is a paid app so I’d like to solve the issue before delivering the final version.
The home screen has buttons created as images (see screen 1)

My customer wants a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Now say I want to go to “Agriturismo “ screen tapping the button on the screen, as you can see, I get the screen but the icon on the navtab remains grey whilst the home icon remains green
If I want to go back to home screen I can tap the home icon or the back button.
In the same situation, if I am on the “Agriturismo “ screen and tap the “Agriturismo” icon on the navbar, it becomes green but to go back to home I have to tap twice the home icon on the navbar as the first tap takes me back to the “Agriturismo “screen again.
Is there a way to have the same behaviour using buttons and navbar?


Could you explain why this is important to your customer?

Also, could you point us to a fairly widely used app that works this way?

My customer wants a customized home screen so I optet for the images in the home screen, by the way, I don’t like it but customer is always right (so we say in italy).
What I dislike is the double tap I need to go back to home as I described.

Next they will want it to appear on hillsides after the sun sets. Or in the sky, replacing the stars above.

Just say yes, we can add that feature but it will cost you 40,000 euros. Here is where you will transfer your 50% deposit to. Expect full delivery in June of 2026.

Why does the customer want two different ways to navigate to “Agriturismo”? This is not a common navigation pattern at all.

You can always throw in the argument that keeping the double tap allows them to switch back and forth between tabs without losing their place. In reality, it might be equally as frustrating if momentarily leaving the tab and coming back would reset them back to the beginning of the tab…especially if you have navigated multiple layers deep. But in the end, the customer always wants what they want without considering all the ins and outs. I could see maybe an option to always reset the tab once they navigate away from the tab and come back, but that’s about it. As far as highlighting the proper tab when selecting a button, that’s a tough one because Glide allows you to navigate to the same sheet multiple different ways…all with different views…so it would be hard to know that the tab and button are supposed to be the same view.

The different way to navigate is a by-product of the home screen customization that is a “must have” for the customer.
I was looking for a walkaround tip but, it seems the short answer to my question is: No way.

Thanks for support

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I believe the answer for our friend would be whether or not to do it. And don’t get asked what the customer wants or why the customer wants it. He looks for a solution I believe.

I believe that @Mark was just trying to figure out and understand the need to determine whether it was worth looking into and possibly changing the behavior. Same thing as when he asks for a use case. A single person with some out of the ordinary request, that can’t give a solid case for the need of a feature, or change request, is not something that would be worth looking into when there are many other things that need to be implemented.

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My intent is not to be argumentative. Please forgive me if I gave this impression.

@thebepps I wasn’t replying to your emojis, no worries. And I wasn’t being snide either. I was just commenting on the reasons that @Mark answers some questions with a question. At least my opinion of why he does. It’s all good.

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Your opinion is correct :wink:

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Hi …I was very much impressed by your app…wanted to incorporate what’s app & facebook functionality…

  1. how you were able to get what’s app icon & facebook icon in contact us screen ?
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@chethan_M You can follow this discussion, I found there the workaround to add whatsapp and facebook link.

Thank you very much for your help…

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