List item link to glide tab?

So I am still new to Glide, but am trying to make a simple homepage which has links to each of my glide tabs. I have tried to create a list containing the top level options (‘Main Menu’), but do not understand how to link clicking on those to each go to a specific tab. I have tried the “Independent Screen Configuration…” option, but that seems to only allow for unique layouts of the details page for the list item.

Maybe I am approaching this wrong altogether. Any insight greatly appreciated.

Can you use the ‘navigate to tab’ action?

Also, that sounds like a lot of tabs!

I have 6 tabs I want to link to from the main menu/start page:
Tour Dates

I understand that I can use buttons, and link a buttons action to link to tab, however there is no way to customize the button’s look (that I am aware of). And also, how would I make the initial page that loads just a page of button.

You can modify the icon, state (transparent, filled, etc.) and text for a button. Is that not enough? What else would you like to see in the button component?

Use details view and add a button component

This is how I would prefer it to look versus the standard buttons

Versus the button option:

If one could add an image for the button, that would solve the issue.

Ahhh! I think I get what you’re saying!

You have a list view in which you want a click on the item to navigate to a tab! In that case, you can make it navigate to tab in a new compound action. So here’s what you want to do:

  • Make a new compound action
  • Make a condition in which 'RowID (or any unique value) is the rowid for a row
  • Keep on making these for all of your screens

Hopefully this answers your question :slight_smile:


YES! This is exactly what I needed. Thanks so much. Whoa…Custom Compound Actions…super useful!
Thanks again!