Linking to web pages and tabs from a list component

I have a question about accessing items in your glide app. Two questions actually…

I have been using lists to show various resources that are available through my app. I notice that many of the video tutorials show examples of articles that are inside the app, not digital items that would be linked elsewhere. Is that the general way it is done?

I ask because it seems that if I use a list and then attempt to place a component on the details page, it uses that same component with whatever I have linked it to for every item on the list. How do I individualize it?

I have tried adding a link column to my data sheet, however, I run into issues when some of the resources that I desire them to access are links outside the app and others are tabs within the app. For example, one list item may lead to a link of a PDF download, another to an MP3, and another to a quiz created in a tab on the app. Is it possible to do this with Glide?

Any suggestions?

It really depends on your use case, you can just point it to an “Open link” action if you are storing it somewhere else, if you don’t plan to bring that info into your database.

You can use the “Independent screen configuration per item” option.

However, it won’t scale well, since you have to configure every screen on your own. If it’s just some cases specific to some items, you can just add components and set a visibility based on the item’s rowID, for example.

You can use a custom action to do that routing. (Create new action)

Let’s say if Item ID is “A” then do something, “B” then do something else.


This is PERFECT! Thank you so much for your response and assistance!:pray:t5:

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Let us know if you have any further questions regarding this!

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