My buttons have disappeared, why?

Hi, I have added several go to tab buttons. They were all displaying nicely. I went out of the app and back in and now they don’t display. I can see on the left they are there. So Why don’t they display?

I see a lot of tabs that are hidden and a lot of buttons that go to tabs. Are you trying to go to a tab that’s hidden from view in the app?

I set the buttons up to go to a tab. The problem was each tab was cluttering up the bottom menu so I hid the tabs. I see when I did that it hid the button as well. So the issue is how do I display the buttons and not have the bottom menu cluttered?

Well, the only way is to move those tabs to the side menu. Once you hide a tab, it’s no longer accessible. If you move them to the side menu, then they don’t show at the bottom, but are still accessible.

The alternative is to build new screens by setting the button action to show new screen instead of go to tab…but you would possibly have to redo whatever you did in those tabs (should be reasonably easy by copying and pasting components). I always use screens if I don’t intend to show a tab in my app.


Creating a new screen is not a prob! I hope. I will give it a shot. Thanks

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Dumb question: How do I create a new screen without it being a tab? I have been looking and can’t find something that says how. I don’t want it to be a form. I want to display data with it.

@gkopchuk add the action show new screen



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