Compound actions in template store not working

My app’s URL:

Going to do some group chat functionality - so why not buy a template app from @Robert_Petitto for a few dollars and customize.

It seems as the compound action is not copied correctly into the app when you buy a template.

I tried to open the compound action - and it is empty.

Is this a known issue? If so it doesn’t really make sense to allow such templates into the template store.


Seems like this bug has been around since the first days of compound action and it still shows up once in a while.

Ugh…I’ve messaged Glide about this issue several times now. I’ll give you a heads up when they fix it again so you can redownload.

My apologies!

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Hey @Robert_Petitto,

Just to let you know. I’m having the same problem with the same template.

Once Glide fixes the issue, I’ll update this thread (and attempt to email all those who have purchased the template).

@George_B just notified me that it was fixed. Please attempt to re-download.

@Krivo @SantiagoPerez

@Robert_Petitto @SantiagoPerez
I did re-download though the messages doing that is not great. It actually asks you (twice ) to purchase another time. @David I think you should look at this.

A bit of feedback on the onboarding of the app to you @Robert_Petitto
When you buy the template it is unclear that it is using sign-in by password. I haven’t used this option before so I had to look around to get the password. I think such info could be good to present to the buyer. Again, I know what do you get for 14.99 - but the experience would be better.

The actual onboarding in the app also causes me issues.
The Welcome screen then doesn’t accept input (first name, last name and profile photo is greyed out) - I cannot see any reason why this should happen when looking at the components used. If you get time then please let me know how to fix that - again - I know that you don’t get any support for 14.99 :slight_smile:

Sign in by password? That’s not right—should be by email. Let me take a look. That being said, if you’re a paying customer, I ALWAYS offer support…even if only for $14.99 :wink:

DM me and I’ll be more than happy to work with you on getting it where you need it to be.

EDIT: the template is set up correctly.

Onboarding works after you’ve actually signed into the app or added your email directly to the users sheet (to mimic the sign in process).


@Krivo did you copy the template to a team? Was the default password set to a 4-digit code like 1234?

@david I downloaded to a normal account. Not team. The password was like a guid