Template Purchased not loading

I purchased an app today and it sent the link to my email but it said I had tohave gmail account. So i created another Glide account using the google login for my gmail account and the template purchase still does not load template. I tried to restart, restart the browser, contact the person who seemed to created it, It ust will not copy into Glide, the preloader comes up and blank . I can however see the example.

Im dying because I really thought I had a breakthrough looking for this exact thing for couple years lol, now that I purchased I cant access but can access everything else, whats playing with me now. smh.

OK, now I see this post. Try not to create multiple posts about the same topic. It gets confusing for you and for whoever is trying to help you.

In this case, it looks like a Classic App. Those templates are being discontinued, and you will not be able to access it.

@grumo , it looks like your Template. “Quoter – An app to generate quotes”

Can you help her? I don’t think private templates have been fixed, either.

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