Template Purchase

I bought a template Premium Store · Glide

I haven’t recieved any confirmation nor do i have access to the copy of the template. What should i do! This is my first time here~ Please help me sort this out.

Did you receive any confirmations via email?

No, I haven’t recieved any confirmation inspite of the amount being debited from my bank account. :frowning:

I’d advise reaching out to Glide support.


I did, Thanks! I was wondering if there is anyother way to get support here… maybe someone knows the owner of that app.

Did you check your email spam or junk folder?

I did… nothing in there!

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This is the reply i get from the owner of app owner, he is asking me to ask the Glide Team and the Glide team is asking me to directly speak with the app owner.

Thank you for the purchase and sorry for the inconvenience.
You may ask the Glide team directly because I can’t do nothing about that issue.

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Christophe Gazel

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Not sure what to tell you then. The app isn’t showing up in your glide dashboard? Since you purchased it, you should have the ability to re-download it. It may ask you to purchase again, but since you already have, it should not charge you again. You should be able to download it as many times as you want. I’ve never purchased a template, so I’m not 100% sure if what I say is true.

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Did you get charged on your CC for the Purchase?

Hi Nordi, I did!

So the app does not appear on your dashboard? I haven’t purchased any templates so not sure what the process is after paying.