Client unable to Purchase our Theme

Any Suggestion?

Client unable to purchase our app
“I was trying to purchase your template for the Glide Store but its not taking me to check out is the app still available?”

Template Link

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@SantiagoPerez can you take a look? Thanks!

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Hi @Sudipta

What exactly is the problem? I am unable to reproduce this. Any chance of getting a screen video of the issue? If they can have the developer console open while recording it, that’d be awesome.


Hi @SantiagoPerez
The client said that he was unable to purchase our template, when he click on purchase its not redirecting to the checkout.


Hi @SantiagoPerez
Getting a lot of emails like that, people are unable to purchase our template.
Kindly check and fix it asap


Hola @Sudipta

Have you submitted a support ticket?

If you haven’t, please do so with as much info as you can

Thank so much for the followup
I have already contacted support team regarding this
Waiting for their response

Can you plesae try to Purchase Glide Store Template now?


is there any way

  • To Check How many User has Purchase our Template?
  • How many users trying to purchase but are unable to make payment etc?

Kindly let me know

You should be able to get this information via your stripe dashboard.