Client Unable to Purchase Our Glide Template

Hi Experts ,


Can you please suggest to me how to fix this issue :pray:

  1. Client Unable to Purchase our Glide Template
  2. No Payment Gateway Link is Coming
  3. Error message: Template Can not be transferred between owners

Template Link: Glide Store app template
Error Video Link: Glide Store · Glide

Please help me to fix these issues


Please contact

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Hi @JackVaughan

I have contacted Glide support
But no Response
I have send 10 Email but no response

We have sent an email from

Best ,

I’ll follow up

Hey @JackVaughan

I have received another 10 Complain that people are unable to Purchase our Template.
Please Fix is issues as soon as possible


Hey @Sudipta

Please, make sure to submit a ticket regarding this issue. Please, add a video of the problem. If you could keep the dev console open while making the video that would be really beneficial.

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Hi Support Team,

I am Sudipta from MS Web designer

We have developed a Glide Template for the eCommerce store
But no one is able to purchase this template I have already received 30 + Complaint regarding this, kindly fix these issues

Here is the screen recording video for your references: Glide Store Template

If you have any questions feel free to ask me

Best ,

Here is the link to Glide’s helpdesk to submit tickets

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No One answers my Concern
100 Days gone , not get any support from glide team

No One Response,
100 days gone

just create your own template store… :wink:

template market button

I have contacted support, and they have responded to you about this issue. Perhaps the email got lost. Could you check again?

The issue you are currently experiencing is being looked into but there is a bug putting it on hold. Thanks for your patience.


Not Received any email from Glide Support Team
Kindly fix these issues
*** Again Received another Email from the Client that they are unable to purchase our theme ****

Hi @Sudipta

Have you checked your spam folder? Make sure also to check the same email that you have used to submit your ticket.