Actions not executing correctly

Hello guys, I found out that my actions are not executing as they should.
I have a custom action set to go on after user submits a form. Here is the screenshot of stream of actions.

However, once user submits the form, the only action that takes place is the first one (add a row to task table). However, no email is being send or notification showed. It used to work a week ago when I first set it up.

Any ideas where might be a problem?

Is the Add Row adding a row to a separate table from the form?

ie. The form adds a row, and then your on submit action adds a row to some other table?

Yes. The form is adding a row to the insurance table and the action is adding another row to the “tasks” table for employees to take care of it.

Okay. mmm, that should work fine. I guess my only suggestion would be to try deleting the action and recreate it.

Tried a few times… Did not help. :confused:

What about changing the order of the actions?
eg. Send the email first.
It shouldn’t make any difference, but you never know…

This time it won’t even add a row. Looks like the action is stopping on this email element.

Thanks to this finding I checked the “send email” action and found out there probably was a problem with subject. Sometimes it sourced subject from an empty row and since you cannot send an email without subject from glide, it did not send an email and the set of actions was broken.

So solution was to change subject.


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