Send mail not triggering subsequent actions after it runs (emails get sent but no steps after trigger)

Not sure if this is a bug but not finding any previous details on it.

I have a custom form with a add row action, send email, and set columns action > clear columns.

I recently added the email action between the add row and clear columns but just noticed the columns are no longer clearing. Emails are being sent fine, just nothing happens after the send email action.

I added notifications after each step and i see the first add row notification, but nothing after. I can run the action from the action editor and see the blocks light up, but again, nothing after the email step.

So the emails are working and I like them but i need the form to get cleared for the next submission and to navigate back to the form page which was working before i added the email step.

I can’t have the email at the end as then there is no data in the email.

Any idea why this is working like this? Is this a known issue/feature or is this a bug?

See image below for my trigger steps.

It is a known issue.

My suggestion would be to lose the Set Column values, and instead clear them as the form is opened.

Has it been known for long? Any ETA on a solution?

Can you add some insight on how to clear before the page opens? I navigate to the page via a simple button with the navigate to tab action. I don’t seem to be able to add any before steps to that navigation.

I don’t see any “on page load” options for the page itself so not sure how to do this.

I appreciate your help. I am probably going to just use Outlook for now as that is a simple replace action step but i don’t like that it uses “updates” since this is only being used to get around a bug.

You can change this action to a custom action that first runs a Set Column action followed by the Navigate to Tab action.

The set column action though is linked to the previous page base data which is a different table than the form data, so the set column action doesn’t work from that button.

The previous page is a metrics page with some rollup data and serves as a dashboard. The link to the form is a button on it. I don’t seem to be able to select which table to set column of when i hit the button, it only applies to the current page base table which isn’t the form data.

Sorry that is kind of confusing to walk through so I can try to word that differently if that doesn’t make sense.

If you create a ‘Single Value’ → ‘Whole Row’ column, then you will be able to set column values in other tables through that single value column. The same is possible with a Single Relation.

Got it, great workaround. Ok I think this is functional so will run with this for now. Thank you for the help and great to know how to do that with the whole row columns.

I appreciate it!

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