Send a custom email with form information


Im trying to make an action when a form is completed that triggers an email with the form information, so that the user has confirmation of what they have completed and also my team receives.

I have tried the action send an email, but don´t know how to add all the information in the email body has anyone sorted out this problem.

Thank you!

You’d want to add a template column to the table that the form is writing to. You can then use that as the “Body” when creating the On-Submit action for the form. Learn more here :partying_face:


Thanks, I will check it out and let you know if it solved the problem!

Thank you! It did not worked as expected but I could manage to do what I wanted.

Can you explain what did not work as expected?

Of course.

The problem was solved but the action I was trying to reach, was to send was automated email after the form is complete with the information the user wished to share with us.

The idea is they get a confirmation mail in a tidy way, for them and a copy for my team and managers. I wished I could add headlines and titles of each part of the form they completed, and if a part of the form was not share, they the email does not show nor send the titles of the empty areas. I have in mind a way of doing it, but did not tried it yet.

It was great help from Megann.

I think there’s something wrong here. Assuming you’re submitting a form, you can use an on-submit action to send the email.

As long as you have configured the subject and the body columns in the destination table to contain the information you wanted, it should work correctly.

Please let us know if you need more help regarding this.

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It worked, as it should.

There was an error on the destination table.

Is there any way the email does not send the Open App button at the end?


No, at the moment we don’t have that ability. I would love it though.

An alternative is using the Gmail integration, or use something like (with a webhook).

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