How can I resolve an action that triggers the login and then prompts for user data?

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I want to be able to enter the app without having to log in and only ask them to log in after entering a certain screen, but after logging in, you have to complete the user data.
I created a Sign In action, and then a Show form action, to enter the data.
I have 2 problems:

  1. When you execute the Sign In action, the next action is executed without waiting for the first one to be fulfilled. In other words, the login screen opens and the user data form opens immediately. How do I generate a sequence of actions?
  2. When logging in, a record is generated in the Users table, which only contains one email, and when the form is sent, another record is generated with the same email, but with the form’s data. I understand that this happens because the forms create records, but there is no action that allows the current record to be edited.

How can I resolve an action that triggers the login and then prompts for user data?

Of course, thank you very much to everyone!!

I would probably make sure you have user profiles enables, the set visibility on all tabs to only show when the user email is empty or a profile complete flag is true. Tabs will show, but if a user signs in, then all the tabs will hide until the profile is complete. Then have an opposite condition on a new tab that will handle to profile completion tab.


Yup, this is what I always do for onboarding in public apps.

Show tab if user’s email is empty OR profile is completed.


Yes, I get the point and I do that too, but in this particular case I don’t want to hide tabs but do the sequence, and I can’t find a way to fire a login action and then edit the user data. That it is something obvious that it has to be done, and I can’t find where or how.

How do you want to edit the user data in that case?

The user table is linked to the login. What I want is that when logging in, if the user data was not filled in (Name, age, gender, interests, etc.), go directly to the form to edit the required user data. That is, if you log in, you are obliged to enter your data, but if you do not want to leave your data, you can navigate the app, without necessarily having to log in. This is why I need a sequential action that triggers the login and then prompts for user data.
I am trying to make a social network type app, in which to establish contacts it is necessary to know the data, but otherwise it is possible to navigate freely.

You can try using my onboarding method here to help. The only difference is you allow users to not enter some fields (and to emphasize this, they would have already logged in at that stage) and only have their email in their row.

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