Edit action from button

Hello. Is there a way I can trigger an edit action from a button (other than the edit pen on top-right corner).

I want users to complete basic registration before they go on to use core features of my app. So for now, I show a message on top - “please click edit pen to complete your registration”. But I think some users are not finding it easy to understand. Instead, I would like to have a big button that says “Complete account registration” that does the same thing - opens the user profile screen in edit mode.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi, it is certainly possible without a button. I haven’t got time to go through it now but this post might help. I’m sure others will chip ii to guide youhttps://community.glideapps.com/t/creating-an-onboarding-flow-using-tab-visibility/11149

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Not for edit mode, but you can link to screen ‘This Item’ and put all entry components on the screen. You won’t have a submit button, so any updates in the entry components are real time.

Using tab visibility in a user profiles settings, I create a tab that points to the profiles tab, filter by email is signed-in user, create entry components like Jeff said.

In the Data Editor, I create a number column that would be called “Profile Done”.

At the bottom of that same screen, I create two buttons. One with a “faded” look, action is reshuffle (so it does nothing when being clicked), one with a normal look, action is increment by 1 and point to the Profile Done column.

The reshuffle button will be visible as long as one of your “required” fields is empty, and the increment button will be visible as long as all your required fields are not empty.

Set that tab’s visibility to Profile Done doesn’t equal 1, all other tabs to Profile Done equals 1.


I would like to raise this up again with a good reason I found recently.

There is a consistency in terms of visibility for “add” and “edit” button to stay where they are; top-right corner. That is always my first-go-to choice before I will have to something more that keeps troubling me on the dilemma. Which are:

  1. With just one-edit-button-per-screen system, you can’t make a segmented profile page with multiple edit buttons. (which makes sense for some time)
  2. If Button/Form Button doesn’t exist, there would be just one way of conducting the form’s call-to-action, which would be very intuitive for customer to get it (You will have to always go to the top-right to do the actions). But that makes no sense because a Button supposed to offer that “show form” function by default for many purposes.
    But when that same button-look interface would not allow people to reuse it at the very same position of the UI (as I will handle that as “if data exist, show edit button instead of add button”). Now you have 2 signals on the page calling you to be aware about. This is so ambiguous when I have to teach users to “add data here, but when editing please go there, to the top-right corner”

As a UX designer I found this is one friction to an easier usability path and this could be called erroneous in terms of UI consistency. So I have to raise this to Glide developer team to kindly reconsider to allow the form button to also be used as edit button.


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