Edit User Profile Columns

Is it possible for a user to edit their data via a form button? I added text entry component, but when I submit anything it writes to another line, and it doesn’t edit my user profile row.


Is there a reason you don’t use the pencil button?

What’s that?

I mean the edit form on the top right.

I don’t have that, just sign-out text is in that corner.


Oh you’re using the native profile section. In that case you can only use entry components to directly edit the fields, but there won’t be a cancel button to revert things.

I was able to add those entry fields on the same screen, but I was trying to hid them behind button for a better/less cluttered look. What do you have set up for the pencil to show up?

I was thinking you can do a button > link to screen action but not sure Glide has fixed the link to screen action not working in profile section yet.

How do I get the pencil like you have?

It must be a details screen tied to a row, then you choose “Edit form” and allow editing. You were using the profile section, which does not have that function.

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How about this? I added a button to the user profile screen and linked it back to the same screen. These change as you type it, would it make sense to add a submit button somewhere on this ‘edit profile’ screen?


To make a good UX, I would suggest adding a CSS to hide the back button, and a button at the bottom to “Save edits”.

However it still does not function the way the edit screen should be. You would need to be able to back out of changes (i.e reverting to its original state).

If you absolutely need that, I would advise using user-specific columns to temporarily hold the entry values, then have a button bar with a cancel option (just go back) and save edits (set column from temporary columns to the actual columns).

I see. The thing with the edit pencil is that the fields themselves are still editable without clicking on the pencil.

Is there a reason you don’t want to create a Profile tab and use the edit pencil instead of using the native Profile section? Honestly I don’t find that section very useful.

Wouldn’t users to get confused if there are two places they can edit this info? If I add a tab, it would have to be in the side menu, not the bottom of the screen.

So pretty much the user profile screen and profile tab will display the same thing.

Yeah I agree with that, usually I display the Profile tab in the main screen. I would be up for an option to hide the native profile section to be honest.

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Yes that would help, or even an edit form option for the user profiles sheet…ok I will play around with design a little more. Thanks!

Update: So what I did was add a button on the user profile sheet then made the screen it clicks into editable, just like the profile tab. It one click more than before, but I like the placement better.

Can I hide the user profile screen or three lines on the left when onboarding?

I don’t think you can.

So a user can technically click into their user profile screen while onboarding?

As long as they can click the hamburger menu that’s always a possibility.

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