Onboarding Steps

I’m trying to figure out how to do this onboarding step.

I have the following tab set up, should users edit via the pencil, or is using a submit button a better option?

In this screen, I can edit right in the fields, but there isn’t a way to make it required.

What should I have when a user wants to edit this information afterward? I tried adding a button to the user profile screen that links back to this tab, but that doesn’t work.


Definitely no, that is not UX-friendly.

Create a custom action where you’ll specify if text entry is empty show a notification and tada it’ll work :tada: !

In the profile page of the user, you can add entry texts that the user can change :slight_smile:


I wanted this behind a button and link to the onboarding tab, but doesn’t look like it’s possible because nothing happens when I do so.

Well, to my knowledge there’s no link available to open the profile page, however you have two choices here :

  • Whether you users access their informations under the my profile page
  • Or if really it’s a necessary action, you can create another page in which you can get a link for it !


I created this button on the user profile screen, nothing happens when I click on it.


Ok I am seeing maybe it links to the tab, but reads it as the same sheet.

I assume that it has been solved, is that correct ?

I think I got it, not exactly what I wanted by it will work. Thanks!

Cool ! Let us know if you need more help.

This is the solution I came up with for users to change their user profile info. would rather have it behind a button, but it doesnt work.

That’s what I was thinking. Did you try to add an “update” button with a custom action “set row” ?

That’s what I mean by custom action :

And place these fields behind the button?

What do you mean by “behind button” just try to follow the tutorial link and I’m sure you’ll make it work :slight_smile: