Trigger action on app start

Hi, after a user “logs in” for the first time, I’d like to force them to the user profile screen to enter a name (and optionally upload a profile photo).

You can’t trigger an action on sign in, but you can conditionally hide or show tabs based on values in the user profile record. If you want to force a user to a profile screen if they haven’t entered a name, then be sure to hide all tabs based on the condition that the name is empty, and instead show a profile tab when the name is emtpy. Once they enter a name, then all other tabs will show and the profile tab will be hidden. Alternatively, you can just set a condition on only the profile tab or only on the other tabs. Just make sure your profile tab is at the top of the list so it’s the first one shown.


Hi, I was able to get it to work by slightly modifying your proposal. It worked correctly on the Android device, but when I used it in the browser, it kept wanting to show the user tab (although now the condition was not met to hide that tab because the name was filled in). So by putting the USER tab second, and hiding all the other tabs when user name is blank, it works correctly on both devices. The only caveat is that it does not take them directly to edit the user name, but they have to select the pen to get to the edit screen. Thank you.

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