Asking for profile info on first launch

Hello glide community!

I am looking for a way to ask the person who joins for their complete profile info when the app is first launched after they login with Google / or register.

Info like name, (email would already be collected), profile photo, location, etc.

Not sure how to tackle this. Maybe hide all tabs until this info is filled?

Would appreciate the help.

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The best way I’ve found to do this is to hide tabs until this information is gathered. I do this by adding a “Save and Continue” button after my request for more profile information — this button sets a column value for the user and the button is hidden until the necessary fields are filled. The other tabs are hidden until that column is filled with the necessary value.

That’s exactly the way to do it. Using tab visibility against a flag called “on boarded” or similar. By default the flag is not set, then set it when all details have been collected.

That’s exactly how I was set on doing it.

But how do you launch that form as soon as someone signs in for the first time?

I don’t do it as a form — I just create a “complete your profile” tab and include text entry components that are tied directly to a user’s profile. When the “onboarding” column is empty, this is the only tab that will be displayed to the users.