Showing different date than on Google sheet

I have a list of books with dates published and one of them has just the year 2003, but on the app, it shows as Jan 1 1970(!!!). Any ideas?

I can even see this weird date on the data on Glide but when I click in, I see the correct date. See video.

The number 2003 is not a date (which month? Which day?)

That’s all I have for this book. Why is it showing 1970?

Unix dates start on Jan 1st 1970. 2003 as a date is very well below a date of 20030101 in unix terms, so it defaults to the start date of the epoch.

Computers often represent dates as the number of seconds elapsed since January 1, 1970:

So, I think Glide interprets this date as “2003 seconds after midnight, January 1, 1970”

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Oh ok. :stuck_out_tongue:. This is a real life use case, where I don’t actually have the full date. Maybe in this kind of case just show what I enter?

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Make a new text column called “Approximate Date” and an If Then Else that shows the Approximate Date if the date field is empty. Then you can write things like “Unknown” or “1000 B.C.” or “Fall 2019”.

In Glide, every column has a type. You cannot have a Date column where some of the values are not dates.