Glide changes a date

While the date we write is dec 8th in the app the event appears Nov 27th. Could Black Friday be affecting GlideApps too?

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Can you show the value in the column in the data editor as well as the settings for the calendar?

I see the right date in the data editor but if I try to edit it Glide changes the new value to today
image image

Is that a date column with the date symbol? Are you populating the dates in the Google sheet or are they populated through the app with a date picker? Sorry, I’m not familiar with that style of date formatting, so I’m trying to determine if glide is having problems reading it as a proper date.

When you edit your date column, does it look like this?

It is a date column. The dates are populated through the app. Everything has worked fine till today

Did you ever get this working? Sorry, I couldn’t think of any other solutions.

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It works fine now, but I don’t know why.

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