Date problem

I’m having a problem with dates. help me please
Screenshot 2023-07-12 155446

Can you explain the problem please?
What are you trying to do, and what is not working as you expect?

I will try to explain right away. I took my data from google sheet and transferred it to big data table, but when transferring the date, it is transferred according to the American date order, that is, in the form of month, day and year. But I don’t want that. It shows July 12 as December 7. And it does it in deadlines. This is too risky for my projects.

How did you import the data?
Did you copy/paste, or did you import as CSV?

Either way, my suggestion would be to reformat your dates as YYYY-MM-DD before you import. If you do that, Glide should get the dates correct.

Thank you, I got it as csv. Then I set it according to the American time format in the excel file. It’s fixed for me since Glide has already moved places.