Showing a component for a specific time duration

Does anybody know a way of showing a component for a defined time duration, say 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the component will not be visible. I would like to know how this can be achieved using google spreadsheet magic or glide features?

Even with a Pro account, Glide only updates about every few minutes unless changes are made to the sheet. Without a Pro account, the app only ever updates if the sheet changes in some way.

I seem to remember seeing a similar post about this question. I don’t think anything substantial came out of it, other than a recommendation to have the timer extended so that the Pro app would update in a decent amount of time to allow for a reliable timer function. I don’t think anything less than 5 minutes should be relied upon.

Using zapier, there’s maybe a way to set up a zap that would write something in your gsheet upon an event from this same gsheet. Using zapier, you can set “delays” before a zap runs. Nevertheless, not sure that zapier would allow a 2 min delay, as long as zap are executed every nearly 10 minutes, except if you have an enterprise account.

So… a google script with a sleep 120?

Even with script, I believe that it won’t register the change as a “spreadsheet edit”. So the sheet would change but the app won’t. This is the same for both NOW and TODAY formulas.

I had suggested a feature be built within Glide to provide a new data column type called Current DateTime—go upvote!

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Thanks for the info.I thought about of the best way to use the constraints, and this is what i have come upon. I use a Time column which registers a time of entry of a form value and I use google sheets formula to enter a time = Time plus 5 seconds in another Timeout column and then use a google sheets formula to change the value in a Timeout flag column which is set to True, when Timeout column is before NOW(). So, within five seconds, after the form is submitted,the Timeout flag turns TRUE. I keep the visibility condition of the component to be when Timeout flag is FALSE. By, the time, google sheet update of The Timeout flag reaches Glideapp, it will be about two minutes, and that seems sufficient time for me to show the component. It works ok, the time of update in glideapp is unpredictable. When I go PRO, it should be better.

You can do it directly in a Glide sheet with math operators on time columns and using the NOW function. Similar to what you have done.