Timer in glide?

Hi gliders,

Did anyone ever built a timer in glide? Any idea how to start something like this?

I basically want to create a timer that’s run 7ntil a define time and date.

@Jeff_Hager, @George_B, guys any thoughts?

Like a countdown?

Using script / Javascript, it would be doable, but we can’t unfortunately. And as of today, such timer / countdown would not be so good as it would update only every minute or more if your app is not pro.

But I agree that would be a cool feature to announce events or things like that.

My only thought would be to set a date/time and then control a component when date is before or after now. I’m not sure if the component would change in real time, but it’s something to try. I’m not sure if it would be possible to have an animated timer.


Which script would you use?

You mean use a now function?

Not the sheet now() function. Select a date column and you can control visibility and filters comparing to Now or Today.

Here’s a concept I made…laggy, because all formulas are calculated in the sheet and it doesn’t autoupdate, but it’s accurate! GIF below is at 3x speed.


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Thanks @Jeff_Hager, this is not what I need. I want the countdown to show at all time

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Thanks @Robert_Petitto, I tried this but it’s as you said lagy so not a good solution, this 8s why I came to ask you genius team :crazy_face:

Yeah…unfortunately…the only way to do that would be to refer to the now() formula which doesn’t update in Glide automatically. Sorry, @yinon_raviv

If you have a Pro app, you could enable the “sync every few minutes” and then have the counter set by the minute, not seconds, which would reduce the appearance of lagginess

No worries @Robert_Petitto, thanks for trying