Countdown timer using Experimental Code

I want to create countdown timer according to this, but it doesn’t work well.
In this case, which component should I use?
Do I have to upgrade?

Also, what kind of data should I enter right “math column”, " Date + 2"?

Thank you very much.

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Are you on Glide Apps or Glide Pages? Can you show us some screenshots of your setup?

I’m creating Glide Apps.
Every time I follow the movie, Countdown timer doesn’t appear.

Custom countdown - Custom Code - Glide Community (

I want to know what kind of formula I should enter "Data*2"column, shown on the first image.
Also, I can’t understand which component is used, shown on the second image.

Link to use:

I have a CSS countdown for apps:

And a delay action blocker:

Glide Java will not work for countdowns… you can’t apply it with HTML… what they did in the images you are showing… is a web view component.

I apologize for asking multiple times. Can this be done on the free plan?

Custom countdown - Custom Code - Glide Community (

Yes… all my apps are made on the free plan.

This is the new one for Pages:

The one you are showing the link to, is for Classic Apps; it won’t work on Pages.

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