Adding an intervals timer to an app

I’ve created an intervals workout app (focused on Burpees). One feature in the app is the calculation of interval timings, ie. the time per set and per rest between sets, and the time per repetition within each set. Here’s the app template:

This picture shows the timings for a particular workout:

I’d like to create a feature based on a countdown timer that puts these numbers into use. In other words, during a set (when the user should be exercising), the screen displays something to that effect; likewise, there’s a visual prompt for each repetition.

Repetitions might have a duration of around 5 seconds, so I’d need to create a feature that’s updating frequently.

I imagine it needs some kind of FOR EACH and WHILE logic, but I don’t know how to implement this in Glide or whether there’s another way.

Gladly welcome any ideas or examples illustrating how this could be done.

So you want to put a timer on the screen so the user knows how many seconds they have to do a set, and which set they are doing? I don’t think we have the native ability to do something like that.

@ThinhDinh - yes, that’s what I want to do.

I agree, I think there’s no way to do it natively because the date-time data in Glide tables is only updated every 10 seconds.

I’m sure there’s a countdown component in the development roadmap :crossed_fingers:

I wouldn’t be sure about that :sweat_smile:

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