Creating an intervals workout timer


I’m making an app to help plan, time and log interval workouts, and I’m trying to figure out if an interval timer can be created in Glide.

Each workout is structured in this way:

  • Each repetition has a time allowance, e.g. 10 seconds per rep
  • A series of repetitions make up a set, e.g. 10 reps in a set
  • After the set there is a rest, e.g. 60 seconds following each set

So far I’ve created the front and back-end logic to determine the number of sets, reps, time per rep and time per rest.

I actually use a Tabata timer app to input these numbers and run the timer:


In the image above, I use the fields: Work [time per rep], Cycles [reps per set], Sets and Rest between sets.

Does Glide have the functionality to re-create this?


You can do everything in glide… is just a matter of how advanced you are.

Thanks @Uzo - do you know anyone in the community who is advanced enough to help with this?

Yes… there are many experts here, including me… you can schedule a meeting with me or just ask questions here.

Thanks @Uzo

Taking your advice to ask here, in reference to my original post above I wonder whether I’d be able to find ideas on how to develop this feature.

Not looking to go in circles so if there’s a different way for me to ask the question to get a different answer, please do let me know.

Your question is not specific.
Are you looking for a step-by-step guide to building an app like this?
Did you already build it and get stuck on some problems?

To answer your question about find ideas on how to develop this feature?
this question is mimising description of the feature… we would have to download the App that you show… use it and analyze it. That way too much work… unless you are hiring me… :wink:

So… simply describe what you need.

What is the element that you are using? Is this CSS?
PS… don’t post on this topic… is not related to your question.

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