Interval training assistant app - with great help from community posts!

I do interval training and had a spreadsheet to calculate timings for exercise reps, sets and rests. A friend told me about Glide so I had a go and made my first app.

Sharing here in part to say thanks to community members whose old posts were great inspiration and guidance.

Thanks to all the below, and to Glide for making a genius product and @JackVaughan for brilliant videos.

Using QuickChart to display historical training data (inspired by @Robert_Petitto):

Using QuickChart to put charts into the image field of a list for added insight into the item:

Using this tip from @Darren_Murphy:

Using Make to export workout data for use in another (Tabata Timer) app:

This post from @ThinhDinh was also genius in simplifying a particular UI flow:

As was this on custom forms from @Darren_Murphy:

And this on navigation from @Robert_Petitto:


Great to see the final product! Thanks for sharing.