🗓️ Building a Habit Tracker with Glide & Quickchart

Proof of concept…wanted to make something like this for a while now!
CleanShot 2022-01-22 at 18.36.25

I’ll share once it’s complete.


It seems interesting!

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Taking shape!


Weekly habits…

…and monthly habits!!!

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Did this get completed? I am finishing up a similar tracker and am struggling with Quickchart (yes, I have watched your video from 2021 already). Hoping if this is finished that you could add to the VIP app. Thanks!

Hey! I did finish it. I never made it a template though. I’ll see what I can do about adding it to my VIP app…Glide Pages template links are a bit wonky at the moment.

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Thanks! I’ve made a little progress with quickcharts over the last few hours. Trying now to figure out how to add a plugin so each value is a different color in a bar chart.