Question about Glide features

Hi, I’m looking to design a mobile app which will be all about challenging people to spend more time reading books. This will require some custom functionality, outside of the CRUD pages so can you tell me if I would be able to achieve the required functionality or something similar with Glide, please?Functionality/flows that I need:

  • User login
  • Calendar
  • Timer
  • Running timer for 15 minutes and once the time is up marking the current day in the calendar as completed
  • Counting streak of completed days as a part of the challenge (30/60/90 days challenges)
  • Allowing users to set a reminder at a set time to trigger a notification
  • Possibly a leaderboard showing all users streaksI would be grateful for a prompt response.

Thank you

Apart from a running timer, everything else will be possible but with workarounds.

  1. User login is an internal Glide feature
  2. Calendar means a list of events in a calendar format? That’s again an internal list style inside Glide.
  3. Timer: Running timer won’t be possible but having limited time for certain “actions” might be possible with the new date/time math features.
  4. Can mark the current day as complete once an action is done.
  5. Calculating streaks is possible with some GSheets formulae + Scripts. (I have achieved this in an accountability app)
  6. Notifications need to be sent externally using APIs and Scripts. Can set a time for daily reminders.
  7. Yes once we have this data, a leaderboard is possible.

Check out a similar app I have: