Super new to this: Timers and apps that work together

I didn’t know that Glide existed until yesterday, so please bear with me. haha I bought a template and converted it from a chore app to a training app for my trainers to use. I own a house cleaning company and need a way of tracking progress while my trainers are teaching new people out in the field. I’m honestly not sure what Glide is capable of, and maybe these things are not possible, but…

Is there any way to add a timekeeping function? During training we teach them to clean efficiently and have a list of time goals for certain tasks (a bathtub takes x mins, a toilet takes x mins, etc.). I would love for my trainers to be able to start and stop a timer on the app during training that then records their times for each task. Then we can compare over time and make sure they are improving.

Is there also a way to make 2 apps work together? Could I have 1 for trainers and 1 from trainees that talk to each other? Or will I have to build 1 big app and have different users?

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Welcome to the greatest community in the world!!
There’s a timer component, maybe that works…
For the other question, you can build two apps that use the same data source…you can always go big tho!:grinning:
Any questions you have with your app, just post them here and every one will happily glide you through your process


Firstly welcome to the community!

You can use this component, possibly in a form, to keep track of the time.

Depends on what you need, you can use 2 apps, or 1, and filter the data accordingly to show to signed-in users.

One thing to watch out for if you decide to use the stop watch:

When you click stop, however, this will clear both these values in the sheet – ready for the next use of the stopwatch.

For your use case, I think I would just use two buttons - a “Start Task” button and an “End Task” button.
Each could be setup to write the current date/time to a table, along with other information such as the task name, the name of the user that completed the task, etc, etc. And then the Task Duration can be easily calculated based on start/end times.

You can even do clever things such as only show the “Start Task” button initially, and then once that’s been tapped you hide it and replace it with the “End Task” button.

Glide is a very powerful tool, and I think your scenario sounds like a great use case.
Good luck, and don’t be afraid to ask if you get stuck. There are lots of experienced Gliders here who are only too willing to offer advice and encouragement. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am currently using a prebuild app. I would like to change one of the features to a time keeping. The purpose of the app I am using is a HR Moduel app all in one.

Can you explain more about what you need, and what you have as of now? Do you want to record a period of time tied to an action in the app?

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