Stopwatch on Classic, what is solution in Apps?

Hi, I have wellness app with XX users, I built it a year ago before Apps was announced.
I would like to re-build it on Apps, Heard its better and probably will work faster, but -
The main feature in my app is the Stopwatch.

My only use of the stopwatch component is to show the time to the user - NOT TO TRACK IT.

I track the time by a user’s tapping a button: START and STOP, and then calculate the difference.

What is the solution for the stopwatch in the new Apps?

Thank you.

Firstly, Glide stated that Stopwatch is one of the components they don’t plan to bring over.

So there won’t be a native solution.

Are you ok with a “stopwatch” that updates only like 10 seconds a time or so? Personally I don’t like that very much, but you would have to resort to calculating durations yourself, and the “Now” value is only updated every 10 seconds.


If all you need is Start and End time, you can do this with a button that uses a Set Column Values action to write the current date/time into two separate columns. And then calculate the difference using Date Math. But as Thinh pointed out, the best resolution you can get is 10 seconds, as that’s the frequency at which the Glide current time value updates.

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As I wrote, That’s what I am doing, I am using Set column values to set to ‘start’ time and the 'end time.

BUT, I need the user to see the time it self, and it can not be with delay.
The moment the user tap ‘start’, the user will move to new screen and sees the stopwatch running from zero.

The stopwatch is for display only.

Yeah, then we don’t have a good way to do that. If the user can also press Stop, then it is even more complicated, even with a lag in time.

Ill try to explain little more of my use.
Screen 1: User taps “START” - > Move to screen 2.

  • START = SET COLUMNS VALUE to “current time”.
    Screen 2: User sees STOPWATCH only, as time indicator and nothing more.
    User taps “STOP” - > Move to screen 3.
    *STOP = SET COLUMNS VALUE to “current time”.

User has to tap STOP after X minutes (changes by each user).
How can I show the user the actual time that passed since start ? How about GIF? any workaround solution?

As Darren pointed out:

And Thinh:

Glide doesn’t have a stopwatch component anymore and there are no native components available to reproduce it. The best you could do is show time going by every 10 seconds. Your idea of an animated gif is interesting, and perhaps doable, but natively there’s just no way to achieve what you want.

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