⏰ Stopwatch!

In case you missed it, we added a new component last week – the stopwatch! We also made a handy app with it to help you track your workouts. Copy it here! https://www.glideapps.com/templates/run-one-i6


Learn more about the stopwatch component in our docs Glide Docs


Amazing, I have some apps in my mind :slight_smile:

I think there’s a bug on the app using my Iphone X


Gostaria de um cronômetro nesse formato!

Online Stopwatch - vClock


You know, I think the Start/Stop and Reset buttons make a little more sense than the Stop and Play/Pause. Feels more intuitive to me.



I haven’t played with the stopwatch yet but does it continue running even if the phone sleeps or the app is navigated away from? How about if the app is closed and restarted?

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It should keep counting. It’s all based on the stored start time value and duration, if you had hit the pause button. Only time I think it wouldn’t work is if you are using user specific columns and you are not using sign in on an app. Then user specific columns are not stored after an app is closed

The drawing bug on iOS will be fixed this week.


Awesome! I’ve been hoping for this component. Thanks, Glide team!

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Can we use this same concept and make a timer that when it either hits a designated number count or if it counts to zero it allows triggers. Make it a part of the new action combos?


Also, I LOVE that I got this pop-up telling me about a new feature! I don’t recall ever seeing this before.


love this one!


doesn’t seem to be writing to start datetime column. tried with run one template and my own app.

docs show start datetime should look like this: 2020-11-30T16:44:45.933Z

What is the .933Z part of the time? Milliseconds? zero hour offset? If ‘zero hour offset’ not sure what that means exactly.

Basically I’m hoping to have milliseconds as that is important for a few use cases I have. I don’t need it displayed in-app currently but definitely need the data.

Also button (size) variations would be nice. I’m mainly thinking larger, finger-friendly buttons or maybe just better spacing between the buttons could be enough.

thanks for the great new feature.

Yes it’s millisecond.

Z is ZULU or GMT. It doesn’t really apply here as it’s your local device time. It’s just part of the ISO standard format for date timestamps.

Do you have a row that the values for the stopwatch can update. Seems to be a few posts lately with people trying to update values in a row that doesn’t exist.

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@Jeff_Hager absolutely. I know our users are going to click stop all the time and accidentally lose their times.

A stop button is not recognised as a reset/ cancel/ delete button.

This has to be changed to make it usable.


JackVaughan awesome that the stopwatch component has been added. I’d definitely like to use it in one of our apps.

Question; Does the StopWatch have to be used in a form in order to save the data for the user?

  • The RUN ONE example is using the Stop Watch in a form.
  • This means the user has to stay on the form screen while the timer is running, otherwise it resets.


  • Earlier today I was testing the Stopwatch outside of a form and it continued to track while you moved around the app.

  • However this has now stopped happening. When I move tab from the screen where stopwatch is it now resets to zero. Did something change?


    1. I expect this is unlikely to fit most use cases.
    1. Every app I can think of allows you to move away and come back to different tabs etc.

I think two things would make the Stop Watch 10X more usable in way more use cases:

  1. Change the stop button to a ‘reset’ button (with text to make clear) to avoid user’s deleting data accidentally.
  2. Re-enable the stopwatch continuing to track while moving off screen (like it was doing this morning and yesterday) - or check if it is a bug. Once this is done, you can have a button with an Action Workflow to save the Stopwatch data onto a different Sheet via the ‘add row’ function.

Update, I still can’t get this stopwatch to reliably track any data in the database.

Sometimes it stores start time or duration - but it’s not consistent.

Is there a plan to update it - would love to know what the plans are - as we’d like to use it.




  • Starting a stopwatch will set the Start Time column to the time the button was clicked and the stopwatch calculates the difference between now and that start time.
  • Pausing the stopwatch will clear the Start Time column and set the Duration column with the elapsed time that was calculated between the previously set start time and the time that the pause button was clicked.
  • Starting the stopwatch after a pause will set the Start Time with the current time that the button was clicked and performs some behind the scenes math to add the duration value to the difference between now and the newly start date.
  • Clicking Stop will reset and clear everything.

I know it’s confusing and in my opinion, Stop should be Reset and Play/Pause should be Start/Stop, but once you understand how it works then it all makes sense. The columns used for the stopwatch should really be user specific columns and only thought of as temporary placeholders to make the stopwatch function properly. Some sort of action initiated by the user would be what’s used to permanently save any values you need from those temporary column values.

If you need to save values from the stopwatch, then you really need to have additional math columns to calculate your own duration in real time, or whatever you need, then a button with an action that will write those calculated values to whichever column you choose.


I 100% agree.


Glide… very nice component… one of the greatest coolest… but not really usable in real applications (like event picker)… so I started playing with it … when start time is ahead (-) mark is not in the right position! i know you guys add zero to complete view… but you did not test it for the countdown… and please add size of the component that is universal… that is request for all components! is so hard to mach without CSS space when we are replacing components with visibility… screen jumps… not professional…

Hi Jeff!
What about countdown timer there? Seems as popular feature, probably more popular then a stopwatch. When could we expect it?
Thank you.