Add a live timer with seconds

Hi Gliders,

Wanted to know, if anyone has figured out how to get a live timer on the app, one that shows even the seconds counting down.
Currently I can display hour and mins left, but the delay is about 10sec to update using the match column.

Nope but there’s a new stopwatch component

I have been looking for this, but I think its still in staging

Nope, it shipped to normal glideapps a couple days ago
Check in ‘Entry Fields’

For info - A few fixes coming Stopwatch in staging!?

I think I saw it yesterday in production. I might be wrong. I’ll check again and confirm.

Edit: it is indeed in production

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got it thanks

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Not sure, how can i make this work for me

I haven’t used it yet.

What’s your use case?

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Glide just twitted about it.


wow thanks

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Not sure it is supposed to look like this


It’s trendy!


Indeed very trendy


Oh my… I’m going to have nightmeres! :joy:


We need a timer that can loop, be reset by an action and when the timer reaches a certain value trigger actions.


Is there a way to do that well now ?

I can’t think of a way to do that inside Glide since actions are strictly user-triggered. What is your use case here?

I discovered this countdown. It is possible to set it via a parameter URL. The iframe is not perfect but I think it is possible to modify it via the CSS.
In addition, it possible to create a math column to calculate the difference between Now and the date. When the result is 0 or less components appear